Hacker Alert!

Hackers. As defined in the dictionary, is a person who illegally gains access to a computer system in order to get information. They usually invade companies’ privacy – its computer system. Hackers are geniuses that even though they have not gotten inside the company’s premises, they can actually get into its system’s files. What more if they had already accessed an organizations’ file. If hackers can access the database of ones company, then I believe that the security of the system is weak and is not that safe. Once caught, hackers reason out that they actually did favors to whom those hacked systems belong.

I actually don’t like hackers because invading someone else’s privacy is immoral. Everybody is entitled to their own privacy. It should be respected.

If every company and other business industries have become successful in their database, you think, these IT Specialists would have more potential markets to cater? No. That is why they tend to hack companies’ file system and worst is to destroy the system so that they will be in – demand in creating new and improved system files again, for the organization shall seek for their expertise in I.T.. And the cycle will repeat again and again.


Human brains Still!

A rapid change in software database system has absolutely affected everybody’s life. For the past years, there is a huge improvement in software application system – from simple to complex solutions to problems. It seems that our lives depend on it most of the time. Furthermore, it really is vital not only for us but especially to the business industry. They are the ones that need most of the system when it comes to decision-making. But I can say is that there are a few that are still at the end of the line and are not capable to engage to this system.

Yes, it could be a great help to us but, a mind of an individual is more powerful than computers-its apps and database systems. Who you might think created this, an animal? Well, philosophically speaking, the answer to that question is an absolute yes because; human beings are the highest form among all animals created by God. Therefore, the college-educated workers are not diminished. All I can say is that powerful minds of human beings designed and created this software system. A personal advice is more important since we’ve got feelings and considerations toward things. Yeah, we can consult to hi tech applications but a personal touch is different.


Change is an inevitable happening that control the world. Whatever people may do to prevent the change, no one could stop it. It is because people crave for more than just what they have. This is where change evolved. Things that we were used to are different now for technology has established its name in history. Due to its existence, there are many developments that happened and will happen especially in the way how people live.

Persons are used to do things manually. But since Internet is a trend and is now demandable, works get easier. You can stream movies at home via online without buying CDs and DVDs which replaced video stores in some parts of the world especially now that people have high-speed broadband connections. Businesses that produce CDs and DVDs are slowly declining. In addition, workers who sell them are also affected.

Technology also makes communications run smoothly through social networking sites and applications (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Viber). People exchange thoughts and ideas through these apps as long as there is an Internet connection. Especially now that Telecommunications provide free access to some of these apps, people are encouraged to communicate or share experiences via SNS (Social Networking Sites). Even business corporations and companies serve their customer online which saves time, money and effort. Considering that this is the happening presently, letters and mails that should be sent by postmen has inclined.

Next in line is the descending popularity of newspapers. Websites such as Yahoo and Google provide everyday news online – local or worldwide. Recently, people are learning to read current news online with replace to newspapers.

Changing for the better is good but too much change affects humans in a negative way.

Someday, they will reign.


Presently, numerous application and system softwares are present in “app stores”. Mostly, people buy free application softwares. Why? Because people naturally grab opportunities. Acquiring something with an exchange for nothing is a great opportunity as long as that something serves a purpose. And actually, there are many softwares that are useful for human beings specifically for the students. These free softwares are called open-source softwares.

Open-source software is a software whose source code is available for modification or enhancement by anyone. Source code can’t be seen mostly by computer users. Persons, called programmers, who have access to a software’s source code can improve and develop that program. In addition, it is called an open-source software because of its unrestricted distribution. Users can distribute it without paying with the license and without worrying with the copyright policies.

Currently, students use different kinds of open-source softwares (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) for education. They use these to surf the web for informations that can be used for their requirements and presentations. Some teachers require their students to make blogs as a requirement to their course. In this case, many students install free softwares in their gadgets for easy access. Given that most students are not earning income, they stick to buy free applications for their benefit.

Beside from that, many schools start to adapt the e-learning system. And, it undoubtedly costs much. For this reason, many schools install free softwares for their computers.

Because of on-going production of any kinds of computers, softwares, either proprietary or open-source, will continue to exist. It is just that people are usually fund of freebies. So, open-source softwares are commonly used. As long as there are people, there is technology, and the natural attitude of people of choosing anything that’s free, this kind of software will continue to live. And the time will come that it’ll reign. It will dominate.


Nevertheless, THEY are the SAME :)

A device is an object, machine, or piece of equipment that has been made for some special purpose.

A gadget is often small mechanical or electronic device with a practical use but often thought as novelty.

— Merriam-Webster

Base on the definition of the two words, a useful device and a gadget are the same. They are both made for special purposes. They are designed to help and entertain people and make people’s life easier.

But in the deeper thought and understanding of the terms, they are quite different. Compare to a device, a gadget usually refers to something small or hand-held. A device doesn’t always have to refer to a physical object. A gadget is a hardware. Cellphones, ipads, and laptops are some examples of gadgets. On the other hand, a device can be a hardware or software. A device can be a tool, machine, gadget, electric component, or an appliance. It can also be a computer program or a peripheral. A peripheral is a device used to provide or retrieve information in and out of the computer.


Software Device

Nowadays, gadgets and devices are commonly used by every people in every community. Majority of the people own cellphones, laptops, ipads and computers. Also, almost all household own devices — blender, oven, refrigerator and televisions — that are used in everyday living.

If I am to interpret, both terms are just the same. But as I have understood, some devices can be found in a gadget.

 However, whatever the differences between a gadget or a device, it,s obviously made for the benefit of every people in humanity.

IMAGINE!! I’ve Come to Think of This


I have wandered and searched every corner of my braincells. (Yeah. I really did. Hahaha) And I encountered so many what ifs. What if the Philippines will become a monarchy? And what if I’ll be the queen? What if man could make a stairway to heaven? Can I meet HIM? (Hahaha Never mind.)

The real thing is, what if every person in the society can survive without seeing each other? What kind of life they will be living? I’ll be letting my mind imagine this idea.

I’ll take the case of the business world. The market revolves around the supply and demand. The suppliers provide raw materials, the manufacturing companies for the finished products and the customers for the product consumption.

If suppliers, manufacturing agencies and consumers are active in the market without physical interaction, how can this idea work? Information System (IS) is the aid for this idea. Customers can buy anything through internet access and by logging in in a website where many products are available for customers’ consumption. Customers enter their personal data in the website. Then, the company delivers the product to the customers entitled with the product. Suppliers also provide data through database for the manufacturers to benefit — name of the material, characteristics of the material, code number, amount and others. Here, manufacturers can order raw materials from suppliers without physical interaction. Buyers pay through ATM accounts or credit cards. Also, IS have been integrated into accounting services. Through databases, manufacturers’ or suppliers’ financial accounts are monitored every transactions. When it comes to product innovation, computer-aided design systems help innovators design new and improved products.


“It is indeed undeniable that technology is rapidly dominating human race.”

Information System (http://www.uhasselt.be)


Undeniable Ratio = Producers : Consumers

Upon the existence of Strategic Information System, many business organizations had greatly evolved. Inventions existed. Old-living products exited. Newly-enhanced products arrived. Product differentiation started to diversify. In addition, having an SIS, companies had found ways in order to reduce cost and gain profit. Because of this reason, companies tend to sell their products in low prices which consumers can afford. In short, quality products of companies having SIS, are sold at affordable prices.

Business organisations always want to satisfy consumers’ needs. Consumers usually seek for high quality products with low prices. Having an SIS is a great help to product suppliers to have greater income. Through this, companies improve tgeir businesse operations and transactions. Also, it makes companies create opportunities where there seem to be none. Seeking for opportunities will always be a goal of every organizations.

In the world of business, some argue that an SIS gives a company an unfair advantage that leads to the sad ending of some smaller and weaker companies. In my opinion, it is not a sin to have strategic information system. It is the company’s right because it has money to invest for SIS.

In whatever I mentioned above, I believe that “whatever the producers will do, one thing is for sure. They satisfy needy people.”